When Life Gives You Lemons..

Or just a TERRIBLE tech day...

...Let's make lemonade! Our tech difficulties and dropped class link made me think that there HAD to be a better way to deliver this material in a more usable way than our Zoom relay system.

As an experiment, I have made Mesa View Elementary its own "class" here on Teachable where all the videos and PDFs we discussed are available whenever you would like to use them. I will leave the class up, open (and free, of course,) until the close of the 2020-21 school year this early summer. I will add student samples whenever you send them if that would help motivate your students.

Don't hesitate to be in touch as we all navigate this craziness. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your patience! Send suggestions and comments if you have ideas for improvements or encouagement.

See the class sample below. Click the ENROLL button to enter your Mesa View class material.